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Where To Buy Anime Cardboard Cutouts

Our lifesize cardboard cutouts are great attention grabbers at birthday parties, themed events and corporate functions. They also satisfy the search for that special gift to the fan who has everything. We offer the widest range of cutouts available in Europe from the world of movies, television and music. You will find your favourite characters and celebrities in cardboard form, from the entertainment industry's biggest brands and hottest franchises, including Disney's Frozen, Marvel super heroes, Star Wars, The Walking Dead, How To Train Your Dragon, Doctor Who and DC Comics, to name but a few!

where to buy anime cardboard cutouts

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We don't stop there. Our range extends to cardboard cutouts of famous landmarks, historical figures, animals and themed props for Hollywood and casino evenings. Further, to inspire your party to live long in the memory of your guests (and their Facebook pages!), choose from our range of cardboard cutout stand-ins. Stand-ins enable your guests to pose for fun photos by standing behind a themed scene with just their faces showing through! They can take turns to be Superman, a secret agent or an Olympic athlete, to pose with royalty or to be transported to Las Vegas, a Hawaiian beach or be given a Hollywood red carpet welcome.

Orders for cardboard cutouts are delivered free within the UK and usually dispatched within 24 - 48 hours. We also offer fast worldwide shipping with delivery within 2 - 4 business days to most countries. All cutouts are shipped folded and protected by our own exclusive heavy duty cardboard sleeves to ensure swift and safe delivery.

For the entirety of November, the Ikebukuro Nishiguchi Park of Joysound will be renting out cardboard cutouts of characters from King of Prism: Pride the Hero, in a series of 12 life-size character cutouts that can be rented for 500 yen for 30 minutes. While anyone can rent the panels and they can be used anyway you wish, Joysound seems to be marketing these "Panel Boys" towards women who karaoke alone or in small groups, and what to experience a party-karaoke experience that includes dashing anime boys. They're also being advertised as "huggable", and customers can pay for a photo op with the cutouts as well.

Grape-kun, a Humboldt penguin at Tobu Zoo in Miyashiro, Japan, who became attached to a cardboard cutout of an anime character placed in his pen as a partner, has died. According to reports from the zoo, the penguin died just as he lived: by the side of his beloved.

We've all had an anime crush at some point since joining the fandom. In 2017, a relationship began that nobody would usually have batted an eye at... if it weren't for the fact that the lover in question was a Humboldt penguin named Grape-kun and the object of his affection was a cardboard cutout of Hululu from Kemono Friends. This tale of romance sparked international interest in the story of a lonely penguin looking to love again.

The internet, doing what it does best, began spreading the story of Grape-kun and his anime waifu. Artists drew fanart, fanfic writers wrote stories, and plenty of people created memes. Even Hululu's voice actress went to the zoo to meet Grape-kun, where she was able to hold him. Everyone was rooting for this little penguin who was trying to find new love in his old age, with the zoo recording higher attendance numbers as a result.

This is a cardboard cutout of Pennywise with Balloon the Clown from IT Chapter 2, 2019 Warner Brothers film. It features a singled-sided, high-quality print on cardboard with an easel on the back so it can stand on its own. Cardboard cutouts make great decor for Halloween parties, photo ops, and events! Order yours today! 17+ 041b061a72

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