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CIROS Automation Suite 1.1 EN.74

CIROS Automation Suite 1.1 EN.74: A Comprehensive Software Solution for Industrial Automation

Industrial automation is the use of computer systems, software, and machines to perform tasks that would otherwise require human intervention, such as manufacturing, assembly, quality control, and logistics. Industrial automation can increase productivity, efficiency, quality, safety, and profitability of various industries, such as automotive, aerospace, food and beverage, pharmaceutical, and chemical.

However, industrial automation also poses many challenges, such as designing, programming, testing, debugging, and maintaining complex automation systems, as well as integrating different components and technologies from various vendors. To overcome these challenges, a comprehensive software solution is needed that can support the entire lifecycle of industrial automation projects, from planning and design to simulation and control.

CIROS Automation Suite 1.1 EN.74


One such software solution is CIROS Automation Suite 1.1 EN.74, a software package that consists of several modules that cover different aspects of industrial automation. These modules are:

  • CIROS Studio: A graphical user interface that allows you to create and edit your automation projects using drag-and-drop functionality. You can choose from a library of predefined components, such as robots, sensors, conveyors, grippers, cameras, PLCs, and more, or create your own custom components using the integrated CAD tool. You can also define the logic and behavior of your components using various programming languages, such as ladder logic, structured text, or C++.

  • CIROS Simulation: A 3D simulation engine that allows you to test and visualize your automation projects in a realistic virtual environment. You can run your simulations in real-time or faster than real-time mode, and observe the performance and interaction of your components from different perspectives. You can also record and replay your simulations for analysis and documentation purposes.

  • CIROS Robotics: A module that focuses on the planning and programming of robotic work cells. You can select from a variety of robot models from different manufacturers, such as Festo, Mitsubishi, KUKA, or ABB, or import your own robot models using the standard VRML format. You can also test the reachability of all required positions, define the motion paths and parameters of your robots using teach-in or offline methods, and download your programs to the real robot controllers.

  • CIROS PLC: A module that allows you to program and simulate programmable logic controllers (PLCs) for your automation projects. You can choose from a range of PLC models from different vendors, such as Siemens, Allen-Bradley, or Schneider Electric, or create your own custom PLC models using the integrated PLC editor. You can also program your PLCs using various languages, such as ladder logic, function block diagram, or instruction list.

  • CIROS Control: A module that allows you to connect your simulation projects to the real automation systems via various communication protocols, such as OPC, TCP/IP, or serial port. You can use CIROS Control as a virtual commissioning tool to test and debug your automation projects before deploying them to the real systems. You can also use CIROS Control as a remote monitoring and control tool to supervise and operate your automation systems from a distance.

CIROS Automation Suite 1.1 EN.74 is a powerful and versatile software solution that can help you design, program, simulate, and control industrial automation systems with ease and efficiency. Whether you are an educator, student, engineer, or technician, CIROS Automation Suite 1.1 EN.74 can provide you with the tools and features you need to master the challenges of industrial automation.

To learn more about CIROS Automation Suite 1.1 EN.74 and download a free trial version, please visit the official website of Festo Didactic, the leading provider of technical education solutions.

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