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Autousbcheck 1.2 12 PORTABLE

autousbcheck will help you to keep your usb flash drive safe and secure whenever your computer is unattended. if you are going to copy files or data from usb flash drive to your computer, autousbcheck may save you. you can also use autousbcheck to secretly back-up your data to your pc.

Autousbcheck 1.2 12

do you want to copy, backup, steal data of usb flash drive plugged to the computer autousbcheck does this silently in the background whenever a usb flash drive is connected to pc. it allows secret way to knowing when a usb flash drive is used on the computer and extracts copy of usb drive data on the hard drive.

autousbcheck is the most feature packed tool that can steal files from your friend's pendrive without even asking them. as well as, you can easily check all the files on your friend's computer, delete them and even steal their data. the best part is it supports all the major operating systems like windows 7, 8, 8.1, vista and xp.

autousbcheck is a very easy to use tool that lets you steal files from your friends pendrive without them knowing. its great for being a prank, to check files without asking your friends for permission and of course, it works without even asking the user to insert their pendrive.

to get the full feature of autousbcheck, you can download the free autousbcheck version from their website. please note that, the autousbcheck version is a trial version and the trial is valid for 2 weeks only. if you are using the trial version, you will have access to the features of the full version and also have the ability to download the full version of autousbcheck which is available for a very low price.

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