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The Descent Part 3 Full Movie In Hindi Free Download [PORTABLE]

When the team splits up in search of her, Vaines accidentally discharges his pistol after a crawler scares him. As a result, part of the cavern collapses and traps Cath under a pile of rocks, separating her from the rest. They decide to find an alternate way around in order to try to free Cath and arrive in a room full of bones, finding Holly's damaged video camera among the debris. They watch the recordings and realize the missing women had been attacked by the crawlers. Sarah, hiding nearby, overhears the recording and regains her memories. A panicked Rios starts calling for help, alerting the crawlers to her location. Sarah saves her by covering her mouth, as the crawlers are blind and they hunt by relying on sound. The two of them watch and wait as a crawler kills Dan and drags his body away.

the descent part 3 full movie in hindi free download

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