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Star Wars Forces Of Corruption Console Commands

Note: This procedure involves editing game files; create a backup copy of the files before proceeding. Use a text editor to edit the .txt files that correspond to ships in the "\lucasarts\star wars empire at war\gamedata\data" directory. Examples of the files are "acclamator_assault_ship.txt", "alliance_assault_frigate.txt", "broadside_class_cruiser.txt", etc. Open these files with a text editor and add a name. The name will eventually be created in game once the location in the list is reached.

Star Wars Forces Of Corruption Console Commands

At the start of a new campaign, build lots of Mining Facilities on each planet. They can be sold later if desired. Have the droids steal Imperial technology immediately from the start. It is sufficient to build Factories, Barracks, etc. on only a few of planets to begin with, as forces can easily be moved to the desired location after they have been produced. Instead of having ground forces protecting your planets, concentrate on building a large fleet for each planet. Make sure your Space Station is upgraded to the maximum at all times. This should be sufficient to repel the Imperial fleet and thus prevent a ground assault altogether. You will also need to build a large separate attack fleet in order to conquer planets, as you cannot leave any of your planets unguarded at any time. Also, make sure Antilles' ship is included as his "weaken enemy" special attack is extremely effective. Place all your ground forces into one huge army following your attack fleet around the galaxy, but never put them in the same fleet. A surprise attack could leave your transport ships facing a Star Destroyer. Make sure you have bomber squads in your fleet to allow for bombing raids on planetary battles. Bring the droids as well, as they do not affect the total number of units allowed, and their ability to repair units can be very useful if there are no building pads nearby. As soon as you have conquered a new planet, build a fleet to protect it. Do not remove your main fleet until the the planetary fleet is in place, or you will risk being attacked immediately. As the game progresses, the Imperial fleets will grow bigger; make sure your attack fleet and planetary defense fleets are up to strength, and do not forget to replace losses immediately after a battle.

Skirmish mode is the familiar, classic RTS mode. Skirmishes come in two types: land and space. In land skirmishes, all players start with bases and must research upgrades and capture reinforcement points while fighting to destroy the enemy's base or command center. In space skirmish mode, all players have a space station that can be upgraded. The player buys land or space units to attack the enemy with until the enemy base/space station is destroyed or the enemy forces are destroyed. The player can advance in technology levels to access more powerful ships as the player gains more money. The player can build more buildings and defenses, and the space station can also be upgraded to better defend itself without requiring the player to leave ships behind to defend it. Skirmish battles require the least time investment, so it is better suited toward casual players. Maps can support two, three, or four players, and the difficulty can be switched between easy, medium or hard.

The console is an in-game tool available to PC players. From the console it is possible, while playing the game, to enter commands that will alter most aspects of gameplay, and it is also possible to obtain detailed information about NPCs, creatures, and other items in the game. The console is only available on a PC; there is no way to use the console on the Xbox 360 or PS3 platforms.

Many commands are targeted: this means that you may use "player.command" to affect the player character, or RefID.command to affect the NPC, object, or area specified by RefID. The RefID has to be enclosed within quotes. e.g. "RefID".command. You may also target an NPC or object in the console by clicking on them, and then run "command" to affect the NPC or object. When an NPC or object is targeted in this way, their name and hex code will be displayed at the top of the console. For example, to unlock a door, open the console, click on the door so it is the active object in the console (its name and RefID are shown at the top of the screen), then type unlock.

If you are writing a series of commands in a textfile, to be executed with console command "bat" (read commands in the next section) you can use the symbol ";" to indicate a comment, that will not be executed.

Warning: Use console commands with caution! It is easily possible to mess up your game if you modify settings at the console. Even if short term the game functions normally, you may later discover that you have made it impossible to complete a quest and therefore you cannot proceed normally with game play; fixing that problem can then make new glitches pop up elsewhere. Create a permanent saved game before experimenting with the console. If you need to use the console to fix a glitch, try to use the least powerful command possible.

Though the Eclipse was a powerful warship in its own right, it was also designed as a psychological weapon. Its enormous size and black hull made for a powerful effect against enemies, and in battle it handily demoralized the opposing forces.[9] The vessel's resemblance to ancient naval ships further enhanced its fearsome image.[12] In addition to its use as a warship, the Eclipse also served for some time as an orbital space station above the Imperial capital of Byss. As well as being a constant symbol of Imperial dominance to the people of Byss, it was used as a meeting ground for officials in the Imperial Navy.[11]

An armada of Imperial ships was assigned to guard the Eclipse at Kuat, and despite Zann's efforts to find a weakness in the Empire's blockade, it would be four years until he made his move. The crime lord discovered that the pass key to Palpatine's command console on the Eclipse was kept in a vault in the Imperial Archives on Coruscant, and even as Palpatine and Darth Vader went to the Death Star II in preparation for the Battle of Endor, Zann launched his raid on the archives. He was successful, and it was not long before he seized his chance to take the Eclipse in the chaos that followed the Imperial loss at Endor. The ships that would normally be guarding the warship had to regroup upon their return from Endor, and so Zann took his forces to Kuat.[7]

The Rebel Alliance sent a force to the system as well. Zann claimed he wanted to destroy the Eclipse, and while the Alliance engaged the forces of the Empire, his fleet made their move towards the vessel. As a heated battle broke out between the Rebels and Empire, Zann's crew meanwhile took a boarding shuttle onto the Eclipse, wrested control of the warship, and brought the superlaser online. The Consortium turned the superlaser on the amassed fleets, and with their motives revealed, the Rebels turned on them.[7]

From where do you know that? CheeZy Mortal (id: CheeZy monkey) posted 09 August 2003 02:30 PM EDT (US) 14 / 32 What the hell are you talking about sir kilalot?CheeZy ex-HG AngelWildFire Games - Artist, Lead Scenario Designer, Game Designer for 0 A.D."But really, stop fighting and listen to CheeZy when he says use good grammar." - Phantom_rider.----Stuff I've Made---- reyk Mortal posted 11 August 2003 05:31 AM EDT (US) 15 / 32 @CheeZy: tell me, what is a "command substring" or a "commandPrefix" ??? Matei Mortal posted 11 August 2003 10:06 AM EDT (US) 16 / 32 I think substring is a part of a string (sequence of characters); for example, "holo" is a substring of "mythology". Prefix is a substring that occurs at the beginning of a word; for example, "myth" is a prefix of "mythology".Programmer on 0 A.D., author of Norse Wars, co-author of Fort Wars. reyk Mortal posted 11 August 2003 05:27 PM EDT (US) 17 / 32 THX, but I wanted to know, what for COMMAND Substrings (with example names) could be meant Matei Mortal posted 11 August 2003 06:12 PM EDT (US) 18 / 32 I guess they're substrings of commands? For example, say you're looking for a command that does something to the water but you forgot its name; then search for commands containing the substring "water". However, I haven't tried this in-game; in fact the help might even have been removed from the game.Programmer on 0 A.D., author of Norse Wars, co-author of Fort Wars. Tim W Mortal posted 28 August 2003 03:01 AM EDT (US) 19 / 32 I will soon upload a list of Console Commands and even Configuration Lines. my site out There will be soon many content DMK_ReaperX Mortal posted 29 August 2003 03:08 PM EDT (US) 20 / 32 TIM W if you could post a list of console options i would be very glad...-Where do you found them? i would be really glad if i could find them myself.P.S.Ben je nederlands? vanwege je e-mail adress...:PGRTZ DMK_REAPEROH HOW DO I TURN ON HTML IN MY POSTS IT KEEPS SAYING HTML IS OFF AT THE LEFT Tim W Mortal posted 30 August 2003 02:32 AM EDT (US) 21 / 32 I have found them with hexediting an cd-crack of aom.exe.P.S.:Nee, ik ben Belgisch, heb je Msn? my site out There will be soon many content reyk Mortal posted 30 August 2003 06:22 AM EDT (US) 22 / 32 Many commands you will also find in the rubbish.dat, if you convert a scenario with the AoMed. DMK_ReaperX Mortal posted 31 August 2003 01:01 PM EDT (US) 23 / 32 Ja TIM W ik heb msn voeg me[This message has been edited by DMK_ReaperX (edited 08-31-2003 @ 01:02 PM).] signalfires Mortal posted 04 September 2003 09:05 AM EDT (US) 24 / 32 Quote:

Imperator: Rome console commands can do almost anything, from giving you an incredibly powerful army to making your the eternal dictator of the Roman Empire. Read on to discover the best console commands in the game. 350c69d7ab

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