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Ewqlso Gold Library Serial Number !!EXCLUSIVE!!

EWQLSO Gold Library Serial Number: How to Get and Use It

If you are looking for a high-quality orchestral sample library that can create realistic and expressive sounds for your music production, you might have heard of EWQLSO Gold Library. This is a collection of orchestral instruments and sections recorded by award-winning producers and engineers in a state-of-the-art concert hall. But how can you get and use this library? In this article, we will explain what you need to know about EWQLSO Gold Library Serial Number and how to install and activate it.

ewqlso gold library serial number

What is EWQLSO Gold Library?

EWQLSO Gold Library stands for EastWest Quantum Leap Symphonic Orchestra Gold Library. It is a part of the Symphonic Orchestra series, which also includes Platinum and Platinum Plus versions with more articulations and features. The Gold version offers over 124GB of material, covering all the major orchestral instruments and sections, such as strings, brass, woodwinds, percussion, pianos, harps, and more. Each instrument and section was recorded with three mic positions: close, stage, and hall, giving you the option to mix them together to create any placement or level of depth you want. The library also includes an intelligent performance section that allows you to control portamento, repetition, legato, round robin reset, and release trails. The library is powered by the PLAY engine, a sample playback software that provides a user-friendly interface, effects, filters, memory management, and compatibility with VST/AU/RTAS/standalone formats.

How to Get EWQLSO Gold Library Serial Number?

To get EWQLSO Gold Library Serial Number, you need to purchase the library from the official website of EastWest Sounds or from an authorized dealer. The price of the library is 229.00 (inc. VAT), but you can also get it as part of a bundle or with a subscription plan. Once you purchase the library, you will receive an email with a download link and a serial number. You will need this serial number to activate the library and use it.

How to Install and Activate EWQLSO Gold Library?

To install and activate EWQLSO Gold Library, you need to follow these steps:

  • Download and install the PLAY engine from the EastWest Sounds website. You will need to create an account and log in to access the download link.

  • Download and install the EWQLSO Gold Library from the link provided in your email. You can use a download manager to speed up the process.

  • Launch the PLAY engine and click on the Add button in the browser window. Locate the folder where you installed the EWQLSO Gold Library and select it.

  • Click on the Activate button in the browser window and enter your serial number. You will need to be connected to the internet for this step.

  • Wait for the activation process to complete. You can now use the EWQLSO Gold Library in your music production.


EWQLSO Gold Library is a great choice for anyone who wants a realistic and expressive orchestral sample library that can create convincing orchestral performances with very little time and effort. To get and use this library, you need to purchase it from the official website or an authorized dealer, download and install it, and activate it with your serial number. If you have any questions or issues with the installation or activation process, you can contact the EastWest Sounds support team for assistance.

What are the Benefits of EWQLSO Gold Library?

EWQLSO Gold Library has many benefits that make it a valuable asset for any music producer who wants to create orchestral music. Some of the benefits are:

  • It offers a wide range of orchestral sounds that cover all the major instruments and sections, giving you the flexibility to compose any style of orchestral music you want.

  • It delivers a realistic and expressive sound quality that captures the nuances and dynamics of a live orchestra, making your music sound more professional and authentic.

  • It allows you to customize your sound by mixing different mic positions, applying effects, adjusting filters, and controlling performance parameters, giving you the creative freedom to shape your sound according to your vision.

  • It is compatible with most DAWs and platforms, making it easy to integrate with your existing workflow and tools.

  • It is affordable and accessible, giving you the opportunity to access a high-quality orchestral library without breaking the bank or compromising on quality.

How to Use EWQLSO Gold Library in Your Music Production?

Using EWQLSO Gold Library in your music production is simple and straightforward. Here are some steps you can follow to get started:

  • Launch your DAW and create a new project or open an existing one.

  • Add a new track and insert the PLAY engine as a plugin.

  • Select the EWQLSO Gold Library from the browser window and choose an instrument or section you want to use.

  • Play or record your MIDI notes using your keyboard or mouse. You can also use the built-in keyboard in the PLAY engine to audition the sounds.

  • Edit your MIDI notes and adjust the parameters in the PLAY engine to fine-tune your sound. You can also add automation to create more variation and expression.